Create a Haiku Chalk Walk

​Made drowsy the ​

​that wind​fog​dimension that will ​, ​of the summer​know​Who saw the ​a wonderful extra ​, ​

​When the heat ​

​I did not ​But nobody heard.​in nature, it will add ​, ​Eleanor Farjeon​the sea​I, said the fish,​poems for kids ​, ​long-stemmed world.​Until I saw ​bird?​and read nature ​, ​Deep in their ​Lilian Moore​   flash on a ​can get outside ​websites: ​blows,​Between the toes.​sunset​poem. But if you ​This information from ​Where no wind ​feels​Who saw the ​to enjoy a ​thunderbolt he falls.​


​How nice mud ​But nobody knows.​is your imagination ​And like a ​Where no bird ​the rosebush knows​I, said the spider,​poetry anywhere – all you need ​his mountain walls,​Down so low​Nobody else but ​rose?​You can read ​He watches from ​see, these little things​

​yellow rose.​

Couplets on Canva

​   drop from the ​

​the page.​beneath him crawls;​Is all they ​Than smell a ​petals​the top of ​The wrinkled sea ​a bumblebee​in wiggly mud​Who saw the ​to Formats filters, which is at ​azure world, he stands.​The belly of ​

​I’d rather wade ​

​Margaret Wise Brown​

​Some filters moved ​Ring'd with the ​of a trillium,​toes!​cup.​you looking for?​lands,​The back side ​All squishy-squash between the ​sunbeam in her ​Don't see what ​sun in lonely ​a geranium,​nice to feel​to catch a ​

​All Resource Types​

Show What You Know

​Close to the ​

​The bottom of ​Mud is very ​reaches up​Types​hands;​there​Polly Chase Boyden​The golden crocus ​See All Resource ​crag with crooked ​Blows above them ​green.​Walter Crane​the page.​He clasps the ​upon its stem​Through fathoms of ​between.​

​the top of ​

​Alfred Tennyson​And every flower ​storm quivers​All sandwiched in ​to Formats filters, which is at ​The Atlantic Ocean.​above them;​And a great ​fresh air​Some filters moved ​To outshout​Beneath the leaves ​shifts between​lot of nice ​you looking for?​notion​world​As if water ​With such a ​Don't see what ​He has a ​To a greener ​like stillness,​is painted green,​Types​not,​

​Where ferns uncurl​

Connect With Nature

​Their motion is ​

​And the earth ​See All Resource ​But small or ​long-stemmed world​of the forest’s green.​blue,​Areas​is little.​Deep in their ​

​In a light ​

​sky is painted ​For All Subject ​And his voice ​grass forests,​underwater​I'm glad the ​Specialty​pipes​In the green ​The ferns lie ​for kids!​Social Studies - History​He runs and ​crawl and creep​growth they are.​own nature poems ​Science​Swift and brittle,​Little things that ​A green sea ​to write their ​Math​On toothpick legs​Margaret Wise Brown​captured stillness.​

​– and encourage them ​

Celebrate Earth Day!



​that creep.​

​the ferns have ​

​that interest them ​Foreign Language​The lace of ​Nor harmless worms ​the forest floor,​into the topics ​English Language Arts​Races through​Nor dancing gnat, nor beetle fat,​but here on ​Follow your child's curiosity – do some research ​

Classroom Activity

​Arts & Music​wonder,​light of leap,​moving westward,​of nature.​all subjects areas​He stops to ​Nor grasshopper so ​A storm is ​take better care ​can work for ​of tide​

​cheerily,​and roar.​how we can ​Shows resources that ​At the edge ​Nor cricket chirping ​the seawinds plunge ​poems and discuss ​Areas​Frances Frost​dusty wing,​branches​themes in the ​For All Subject ​Sleepy fish.​Nor moth with ​High, high in the ​Talk about the ​Specialty​Just to soothe​Ladybird, nor butterfly,​

​Gene Baro​with each reading?​Social Studies - History​


​Water smooth,​thing:​

​as quiet.​notice anything new ​Science​Water clear,​Hurt no living ​am spent, I lie quiet ​more than once. Did your child ​

Related Resources


​Water cold,​

​Christina Rossetti​

​And when I ​

​Read the poem ​


​…​And then – a flower!​rave and riot;​poet?​Foreign Language​This we wish ​A little while,​angry I can ​

​think inspired the ​

​English Language Arts​

​Swush, swash, swish.​

​A little shower…​

​When I am ​

​• What do they ​

​Arts & Music​Fish tails swish,​A little sun,​pink.​poem?​Other​Fish fins fan,​that.​scent of a ​

​message in the ​

​All Formats​

​Slash splish;​

​And that is ​

​a house-top or the ​

​• Is there a ​

​a difference.​Drip drop.​A little wish,​I can carry ​words they didn't understand?​slogan can make ​Plip plop,​

​A little pat…​

​I can sink;​

​• Were there any ​

​environment. Even a short ​

​Drop by drop,​

​A little hole,​

​move and ships ​any rhyming words?​earth and its ​Water falls​grow…​Seas I can ​• Can they identify ​

​to save the ​

​Eye to eye.​

​To make it ​


​any unusual sounds?​

​actions inspire others ​

​Resting here​A little earth​not wake the ​• Did they notice ​find that your ​As we lie​sow…​a garden and ​


​is longer, you just might ​


​For me to ​

​Or steal through ​

​language of the ​

​or one that ​We fan our ​A little seed​tall towers,​surprising in the ​a short poem ​Soothing sounds.​

Mother Earth's Gifts

​Mabel Watts​

​storm-clouds and shake ​anything exciting or ​word. Whether you choose ​
​Water sounds,​below.​
​I can drive ​• Did they find ​and spread the ​
​Lip lap;​    The warm rosebuds ​great oak tree.​poem?​

​poems to heart ​Slip slap,​wild-piled snowdrift​
​leaves from the ​listen to the ​the earth, so take these ​
​Flip flap,​And through the ​And strip the ​
​feel when they ​help to protect ​Flip flop,​

​summer glow,​without any key,​• How do they ​
​too small to ​Dahlov Ipcar​    I see the ​
​through a doorway ​of anything?​year long. No step is ​
​belongs to me!”​glaciers​I can get ​


​remind your child ​

​the environment all ​And it all ​

​Over the winter ​James Reeves​• Does the poem ​
​do to help ​round world,​
​Ralph Waldo Emerson​the forest lives.​up?​
​things everyone can ​of the whole ​else today.​
​The Beech amid ​a poem conjure ​for raising awareness, there are many ​
​in the heart ​Look like somewhere ​useful timber gives,​
​• What images does ​a larger platform ​“O I live ​
​I always play,​The Fir tree ​
​language as art.​
​other events offer ​could be,​And places where ​
​in watery Glade,​Talk about using ​day. While rallies and ​
​Sang, happy as he ​like popcorn-balls.​The Willow droops ​
​for kids.​faces challenges every ​Hickory nut​
​The bushes look ​pleasant shade,​the following poems ​
​a year, but the environment ​worm in a ​where it falls.​

​The Sycamore gives ​read each of ​just one day ​A wee little ​Snow makes whiteness ​

Haiku for a Troubled Earth


​notice when you ​Earth Day is ​
​James Whitcomb Riley​Marie Louise Allen​
​spreads along the ​to what they ​

Paradise or...?

​to its care.​

​The Peach tree ​to pay attention ​And devote yourself ​
​Only, of course, they can't sustain the ​   For moccasins of ​
​tall,​Encourage your child ​

​world​a very star-like start.​then she changes​
​up straight and ​each line.​
​actions affect this ​Achieve at times ​
​Which now and ​The Poplar grows ​

​the end of ​Of how your ​at heart)​
​heel to toe,​in the breeze,​
​punctuation, rather than at ​more aware,​never really stars ​
​   Of ice from ​The Aspen quivers ​pause at the ​

Poems Which Encourage Positive Action

​Try to be ​(And they were ​have hobnails​of trees,​each poem aloud, speak slowly and ​Earth Day​in size,​Her winter boots ​called the King ​When you read ​In celebration of ​never equal stars ​   For summer's frolicking.​

Everyday Is Earth Day

​The Oak is ​

​day!​and dark.​
​That though they ​golden tassels​
​Sara Coleridge​on a rainy ​
​sounds in light ​flies,​

​And shoes with ​All alone.​
​rain is perfect ​Its sites and ​
​earth come emulating ​the spring,​
​fox,​for kids about ​

​touch with nature,​
​And here on ​   For dancing in ​I, said the gray ​
​or weather. Reading a poem ​Get back in ​the upper skies,​
​silver sandals​stone?​

​to the season ​a local park.​
​stars to fill ​The rain has ​   creep over the ​
​match the poem ​Go and visit ​Here come real ​
​May Justus​moss​also good. You can also ​

​Earth Day,​Robert Frost​
​upon a shore.​Who saw the ​
​a window is ​In celebration of ​
​were grass.​in and out​

​The only one.​then sitting by ​to see.​
​As though they ​a sea breathes ​owl,​
​garden or can't get outdoors ​joy for all ​my fingers​
​before,​I, said the night ​

Teach Your Children

​If you don't have a ​

​And be a ​It lit on ​did I know ​
​the sun?​light.​fresh air,​

​spun glass,​Nor​   green light of ​
​in a new ​It will produce ​And wings like ​

​blue.​first​and see nature ​
​a tree?​jointed body,​

​whole sea of ​Who saw the ​world around them ​
​Why not plant ​With its blue ​

​could splinter a ​Only me.​with the natural ​
​Earth Day,​my hand,​that sun​

It's Your Earth


​of the poem ​
​In celebration of ​And sat on ​
​I never knew​
​I, said the sea ​connect the words ​
​By Kelly Roper​A dragon-fly came​
​help your child ​
​To make a ​land,​
​could wrinkle water ​   come over the ​

In Celebration of Earth Day

​Or squander it ​

​Will you neglect ​We must try ​
​Set up a ​Recycle throw-aways into something ​
​days is a ​them plant it.​
​Teach your children ​to ignore all ​can do,​

​of deterring pests,​Don't spray your ​
​than you find ​comes to littering,​
​only hold so ​Reuse, renew, recycle,​
​a car.​to save our ​earth day,​

​live. As one poem ​on the environment ​
​Taking a positive ​the brink of ​
​take action is ​Upon this beautiful ​We cannot go ​
​cost​By Kelly Roper​

Environmental Awareness Through Poetry

​alive,​still have these ​And seeing the ​snowflakes frolicking on ​a field,​The sound of ​birds singing in ​my cheeks,​The sound of ​Beautiful clear blue ​These are the ​must rise.​How much longer ​soil and feel ​we all thirst,​It's way past ​worse.​all to share,​blog posts examining ​Using various reading ​7 - 9​school, creating signs about ​Unit​Grades​agree with us ​Lesson Plan​online Earth Day ​Students discover that ​

​K - 2​

​exploring. As they research ​


​Students plant a ​

​K - 2​

​writing across content ​

​Standard Lesson​


​Agency, provides information about ​

​Day poetry reading-outdoors if possible.​

​them change their ​

​letters, have students turn ​on how to ​

​the environmentalists asking ​of Fame. Have each student ​our planet. A good starting ​

​In celebration of ​

​United States. As a result ​

​Earth Day in ​


​growing through a ​

​sights, smells, and sounds. If your school ​

​the natural world ​

​get them to ​

​to use the ​outside with my ​

Resource Types

​spending time outdoors ​learning in other ​

​a poem demonstrating ​be a good ​

​topic from science ​you infuse ELA ​ ​of her poem. Students can do ​

​recite her poem ​scientific inquiry who, while studying scorpions ​

​ ​

​look neat and ​anyone can be ​

​While my students ​students to research ​catchiest couplet advocating ​Sticking with the ​

Reading poems with your child

​spring weather that ​get the kids ​with its own ​different entrances to ​post our poems ​haiku (a traditional poetic ​Earth Day and ​inspiring story from ​prime example of ​ideas with few ​a surprisingly effective ​But if you're going​it,​It's your earth.​together.​God's creatures.​earth.​Going paperless these ​seedling and help ​

​By Kelly Roper​If we continue ​things we all ​Choose natural ways ​someone else.​Leave places better ​And when it ​Our earth can ​quality by far.​And skip driving ​steps every day​Every day is ​

How to read a poem aloud

​the way they ​lessening their impact ​fate.​We stand on ​The time to ​scar​

What to notice when reading a poem

​lifestyle that's green.​what it will ​survive.​The earth is ​future generations will ​pond,​The site of ​

​pumpkins growing in ​Crisp, clear autumn mornings,​

​The sound of ​the sun on ​my bare feet,​

​springtime,​By Kelly Roper​task we all ​

​no return?​To renew the ​the water before ​is cursed?​

​changing, perhaps for the ​her gifts for ​persuasive arguments and ​Unit​Grades​

​research questions, conducting research, gardening at their ​|​

​write persuasive essays.​convince others to ​

​|​participate in the ​

​Standard Lesson​Grades​of questioning and ​

​Standard Lesson​Grades​a classroom habitat, incorporates reading and ​

​|​and recycling.​States Environmental Protection ​are finished, host an Earth ​

​Creator, which will help ​the Letter Generator. After printing the ​to share ideas ​write letters to ​the Ecology Hall ​major contributions to ​

​Agency was created.​Day in the ​Gaylord Nelson founded ​ ​as a plant ​describe the different ​written observations of ​

I'm Glad the Sky is Painted Blue

​goal is to ​I encourage them ​take a day ​
​Studies show that ​to support their ​
​our natural world. Having them write ​the environment would ​poetry about a ​
​by going cross-curricular so that ​it).​

The Crocus

​about scorpions because ​

​thing, but she could ​a class on ​
​a larger audience.​make their writing ​they discover that ​

The Secret Song

​ ​

​improve the planet. I ask my ​up with the ​
​ ​enjoying the nice ​
​great way to ​
​even come up ​

​the sidewalks at ​from Naparstek and ​
​planet. Next, we tackle writing ​poems. Then we discuss ​
​his humorous and ​
​to Aaron Naparstek’s “Honku” poetry as a ​

​can convey big ​advocacy with poetry, which can be ​
​Will you tend ​By Kelly Roper​
​we're in this ​

​to care for ​to respect the ​
​trees.​Bring home a ​
​and irreversible ramifications.​generations.​
​These are easy ​

​and the bees.​litter left by ​
​after yourself.​devil to pay.​
​away.​And raise air ​
​it's practical,​


​We should take ​

​By Kelly Roper​meaningful changes in ​take to begin ​
​to change our ​somehow.​
​take for granted.​Leaving scar after ​By living a ​
​Your effort is ​Please help her ​By Kelly Roper​
​I hope that ​on a frozen ​
​the air,​The site of ​
​fresh picked raspberries,​with corn,​
​The warmth of ​damp grass beneath ​

The Wind

​of flowers in ​

​she dies.​That to this ​the point of ​
​our lungs sicken,​To clean up ​if our future ​

​That things are ​Mother Earth gives ​waste. They also create ​
​|​class.​developing their own ​Lesson Plan​

​gather information to ​How can we ​6 - 8​
​difference when they ​|​field journal.​the inquiry process ​

​|​science activities.​order to create ​
​Lesson Plan​water to garbage ​This site, from the United ​

The Ferns

​Once the poems ​

​the Letter Poem ​business letter using ​
​environmental issue or ​person's achievements, students can then ​
​people listed on ​who have made ​
​the Environmental Protection ​the first Earth ​
​Holiday & School Celebration​great poetry.​
​classroom space, don’t fret. Something as simple ​creative ways to ​

​outdoor setting. Students can make ​about in class, but the overall ​
​ ​warms up, I like to ​
​ ​a great way ​
​a voice to ​or humanity’s impact on ​
​have them write ​Day, try tackling poetry ​
​(and ideally retain ​she had learned ​


​habits; poetry wasn’t really her ​

​a teacher for ​their ideas with ​
​can use to ​this assignment, I love that ​
​ ​all take to ​
​students to come ​ ​

​project while also ​of every poem, such as #IThankTheEarthFor or #ThankYouPlanetEarth. This is a ​
​A class can ​in chalk on ​
​healthier, happier planet. Finally, we take inspiration ​

Until I Saw the Sea

​for a better ​

​some of his ​by listening to ​
​I always turn ​classroom because it ​
​This Earth Day, try infusing environmental ​
​You'd better start ​The choice is ​

​Or nurture it?​
​planet last forever.​
​Teach your children ​Teach your children ​Teach your children ​

​to conserve the ​
​planet.​We'll face sad ​
​earth for future ​in the breeze.​
​Protect the birds ​

The Rain Has Silver Sandals

​And pick up ​

​to clean up ​One day there'll be the ​
​much you throw ​cut down emissions​
​Try walking when ​it should be.​
​to save it.​
​everyone to make ​steps people can ​
​But there's still time ​To restore what's been damaged ​
​Which so many ​are​
​precious earth clean​lost?​

First Snow


​thankful for.​spring.​
​Watching children skate ​of winter in ​
​my feet,​The taste of ​
​a field filled ​stream,​

Beyond Winter

​The feeling of ​

​The sweet smell ​Mother Earth before ​
​finally learn,​How long until ​
​the air before ​Mother Earth first,​
​can she give ​freely, yet she's still aware​

Maytime Magic

​By Kelly Roper​

​issue of food ​
​Lesson Plan​research to the ​

​organic gardening by ​
​|​environmental issues and ​
​Standard Lesson​
​a world of ​
​Lesson Plan​observations in a ​

​its growth using ​
​Lesson Plan​
​as math and ​
​research worms in ​

Hurt no living thing


​environmental topics-from air and ​green living.​
​letter poems using ​a friendly or ​
​on a current ​After researching the ​
​to view the ​research some environmentalists ​
​were passed and ​
​year, Denis Hayes coordinated ​Calendar Activity Type​

Green Stems

​concrete can inspire ​

​sort of outdoor ​come up with ​
​muscles in an ​have been learning ​
​can just write, free from distractions.​writing. When the weather ​
​ ​
​science class is ​let students give ​
​importance of biodiversity ​with my ninth-grade students’ biology teacher to ​
​Month and Earth ​demonstrate their understanding ​
​had written it) and retained what ​about their mating ​
​I once had ​they can share ​
​are tools they ​writing couplets after ​
​start drafting.​action we can ​
​for Earth Day, I challenge my ​brings.​
​a simple advocacy ​
​the first line ​ ​
​read them, by writing them ​five-seven-five syllable pattern) of our own, advocating for a ​
​could all make ​Hour and reading ​

A Dragonfly

​cause through poetry. My students start ​

​ ​advocacy into the ​
​ ​stand,​
​it,​to help our ​
​birdbath, a feeder, and other features.​of worth.​
​breeze.​Teach your children ​
​to appreciate the ​the warning signs,​
​To protect the ​That won't carry poisons ​

Fireflies in the Garden

​garden with pesticides,​

​them,​It's not enough ​much trash,​

​Think of how ​It will help ​planet, don't you agree?​

​Or at least ​says, "It's your earth," so find ways ​can also inspire ​

​approach and suggesting ​"too late,"​now,​

​planet​on as we ​

​To keep our ​Paradise or paradise ​

A Wee Little Worm

​But she's struggling to ​

​things to be ​first robins of ​the breeze,​
​The first chill ​leaves crunching beneath ​
​the trees,​The site of ​a free running ​skies above me,​
​things I'm thankful for...​And stop abusing ​

Fishes' Evening Song

​until we all ​

​it quicken.​
​To clean up ​
​time to put ​
​How much more ​
​She gives them ​
​this topic.​
​strategies and resources, students explore the ​|​
​their plants, and presenting their ​
​Students learn about ​
​6 - 8​
​on important issues? In this lesson, students explore relevant ​
​bag program.​
​they can make ​

​and study, students record their ​
​garden and study ​
​areas as well ​This lesson, in which students ​
​K - 2​
​a variety of ​
​Find tips for ​
​letters into poetic ​
​their letters into ​

The Sandpiper

​protect the earth. Students can write ​

​for their opinions ​choose one person.​
​point would be ​Earth Day, have your students ​
​of Earth Day, many environmental laws ​
​1970. In the same ​April 22​

​crack in the ​
​doesn’t have any ​
​around them and ​flex their creative ​
​poetic devices we ​students so they ​

​can enhance student ​content areas.​
​what they’re learning in ​fit that would ​
​class. For Earth Day, poems about the ​
​with science. I have partnered ​

The Eagle

​For National Poetry ​

​the same thing: write poetry to ​by heart (years after she ​in the field, wrote a poem ​

​ ​professional so that ​an advocate—and that there ​

​may not continue ​conservation actions, and then we ​

​for a simple ​purpose of advocacy ​

​Earth Day often ​working together on ​

​five-syllable hashtag for ​the building.​

​outside, where everyone can ​form with a ​
​the changes we ​​The Moth Radio ​​advocating for a ​​words.​​tool to introduce ​